Originally inspired by my father (also an artist), I have been fascinated with art since I was four years old, often using my my Dad’s left over materials to produce a variety of ‘interesting’ gifts for family and friends. However, this was clearly just the beginning because in grade five, when the rest of the class were asked to write a short paragraph about an imaginary animal, I randomly sculpted mine out clay.

In High School I studied Art History and fell in love. This was the first time I truly appreciated just how different art could be from artist to artist and century to century. This feeling of awe was further reinforced by a Creative Art course which, combined with an inspirational tutor, opened my eyes to a whole world of different styles and forms, from the use of charcoal to gouache or mylar to printing - anything was possible!

After a break of a few years which I used to travel far and wide, my love of art really came to the fore when producing fabric art for my unborn daughter. This cathartic process led me back into painting which, a few years later, inspired my daughter (at age four) to produce her own animal themed art exhibition which raised over $2,000 for the World Wildlife Fund. #proudmama

Since then I have taken part in art battles, had my art exhibited in Starbucks, created an album cover for a band, and been commissioned to produce a large variety of pieces for private clients across North America and even as far as Europe. Most recently I was commissioned to produce a painting for an award winning movie director from London (UK) that is to feature in their next production.

Whether it’s an animal on a canvas, a building on a map, fabric art, a human portrait or something more abstract, I am excited to be expanding my horizons as an artist and pushing myself to over come new artistic challenges to see where the creative evolution takes me and my work.

Than you so much for joining me on this journey. Please feel free to take a look around, follow me on social media or just get in touch!


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